ICON Exchange

Internet Communications, Online Networking and the Exchange of Ideas



What is ICON Exchange?

ICON Exchange stands for Internet Communications & Online Networking,, and the Exchange of ideas.

ICON Exchange was founded on the principle that the internet is a means of communications that can connect individuals and companies over vast distances for the purposes of networking and collaboration of innovative ideas.

What is ICON Exchange’s mission?

ICON Exchange seeks to create online communities that facilitate the exchange of ideas, network with others with the same interest, and communicate those ideas to the world.

Together, we can work together to make things happen, and bring positive change to this world.  If you would like to become a part of this exciting opportunity, please contact us!. 

ICON Exchange’s history.

ICON Exchange began as ICON Websites in July 2000, a web site design and development company, that followed the belief that three things can bring success to any company or organization, “Innovation, Ideas, and the Internet.”  ICON Websites created and maintained numerous websites, including the multi-site page for Third Legion Online Gaming.

On May 5, 2005, reflecting a change in the mission of the organization, ICON Exchange was adopted as the new name.  The focus today is no longer simply website development, but a consultant focus on business development, website development, online communications including social media, online marketing, and much much more.

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