Thoth-Ammon's UO Taming guide

Important Updates


What kind of tamer do you want?

Starting from scratch or adding taming to an existing character
Archer tamer
Bard tamer
Mage tamer

Training up your taming:

0_ to 50
50 to 65
65 to 75
75 to 85
85 to GM Method 1
85 to GM Method 2 (Re-tames)

The other parts of taming skill gain:

GM Animal lore
Gm Verteranary

The groundwork for success

Setting up for the hunt.
Taming macros<---Extremely important for increasing life expectancy of your tamer.

Hunting for the big 4

Taming Dragons and Drakes
Taming Nightmares
Taming White Wyrms

Advanced dragon taming

Player Lore! What you need to know to be a Great tamer

Training your pets into Uber pets
Pet control
Tricks of the trade

Recent Changes to taming

Recent Changes and Animals

Raw Data

Tables and Charts

On the lighter side


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